Call for papers for Advances in Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

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Call for papers Advanes in desalination and wastewater treatment

Call for papers for Advances in Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

Dear Colleagues, In this special edition, we intend to compile the most relevant research related to water treatment based ondesalination technologies. These tools have been applied to wastewater treatment in order to regenerate water for reuse, and techniques have been developed to obtain drinking water for humans as well as for agricultural purposes from brackish water or seawater. Some of the drawbacks of desalination technologies are their energy consumption and the environmental problem of brine discharges. This Special Issue will also include the latest research on the best available techniques to reduce the consumption of energy, in addition to measures for the prevention and/or mitigation of environmental problems caused by brine.

Finally, new technological developments are aimed at new membrane processes which will be presented in this edition. The topics to be discussed, among others, will be:

  • Wastewater regeneration;
  • Water–energy nexus;
  • Elimination of emerging pollutants with membrane technologies[…].

For further reading, please follow the link to the Special Issue Website at:

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